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Hockey Marathon Details


Saturday, September 1st.  The games begin at 10am and run continuously for the

next 24 hours.  Presentations to charities begin at 10am on Sunday morning, Sept. 2nd.



Dix Hills Park Ice Rink, 575 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, New York, 11746



Jim Flanagan, (216) 272-2787, event-related questions

Brendan Flanagan, (631) 816-8135, event-related questions

Erin Flanagan, (631) 742-2481, event-related questions

Rink phone number, (631) 462-5883, directions and rink-specific questions



Please plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your first game to sign in, get your locker room assignment, collect your jersey, receive a player wristband to allow access to the VIP room and food, etc.



There are 7 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams participating.  The schedules and teams will be distributed separately.  This event is all about having fun and supporting great charities;  there will be no checking, no standings/play-offs, overtimes, etc.  We will start each game at the top of the hour and play 2 periods of 22 minutes each, running time.  We have referees who have volunteered to cover all the games; please be respectful of them and the time they are contributing.  Any penalties called will result in a penalty shot.  If the pros (Adam Graves & Stephane Matteau) determine that a team is out of balance, we will “trade” players.  We will be naming a “captain” for each team in advance.  The captain’s role will be to ensure we get feedback as we move along over the 24 hours to make this experience as rewarding as possible.  Pros will be allowed to score if they receive a pass in the offensive zone.  They will not be allowed to go end-to- end on our poor goalies and defensemen.



You can invite anyone you would like.  There is no admission fee and we will have a great auction that includes sticks, pucks, jerseys, etc. signed by a variety of current and former NHL greats.  We will also have 2 tickets to the PwC suite for Rangers’ Opening Night at MSG.  Adam Graves and Stephane Matteau will be in the suite for the game.  There will also be many other great auction items.  As this is all about charity, donations are welcome.



Throughout the day, there will be salads, sandwiches, dinner, snack bars, etc.   Water and energy drinks will also be provided for all players throughout the event.  Please note that we are playing at a Town of Huntington facility and they have a strict no-alcohol policy.  Accordingly, no alcohol will be provided or permitted.


Things to remember/consider:

  • Please use the bag drop area when you arrive as this will help with the check-in process.

  • Full equipment is required, including helmets and cages.

  • Jerseys will be provided, but we ask that you bring a light and dark colored jersey with you as well in case we move players around along the way.

  • Showers will be stocked with shampoo and bottles of soap.  You need to bring your own towels.

  • You should consider bringing a change of clothes to wear under your gear.

  • The pro shop will be open at various times, so please think about anything you need in relation to skate sharpening, sticks, etc

  • The schedule will be configured in a manner to give each team a 4 or 5 hour slot without a game in the overnight hours.  You will also have other breaks of 2 to 3 hours along the way, so use them wisely.  You can bring a pillow or whatever else you would like to crash.  There are other locker rooms that we will be able to use in the overnight hours that will have mattresses.

  • There is a parking lot in front of the main entrance to the rink with limited spaces; there is an alternative lot with plenty of parking that is close by and available as needed.


Thanks for signing up for Marathon V.  We hope that you enjoy yourself and if there is anything that we can help with along the way, please let us know.


We thank the Town of Huntington for its support and the impact this will have on the local charities we will be supporting and promoting.

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